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About SmartnSure
SmartnSure is a consulting firm that specializes in providing insurance and loss adjustment services for shipowners in the marine industry. The company insurance specialists and freight brokers with extensive experience in maritime law and water transport operations. The company's main objective is to protect the interests of its clients both at the contracting stage and in the event of an insurance claim. SmartnSure offers a wide range of insurance services including coverage for freight loss, collision, hull/machine loss and damage, general accident losses, and third-party liability. The company is committed to transparency and open communication with clients and partners to foster long-term relationships and maintain high levels of efficiency.

Marine insurance

We believe that insurance is an important aspect of securing your future and protecting your assets. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and reliable insurance solutions, and to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. By partnering with some of the largest and most reputable insurance companies in the industry, we can offer you a wide range of options to choose from.
The insurance broker plays the major role in marine insurance. He not only offers the most favourable conditions to the client but also carries out full consulting and legal support, carries out insurance policy registration, promotes in reception of necessary documents, explains conditions of contracts of insurance. Its activity considerably saves time and funds of the Insured and simultaneously gives professional service.

The big practical experience of interaction with representatives of the sea industry, allows us to render the qualitative insurance services meeting the highest requirements of the client.
The basic directions of marine insurance are:
  • Hull & Machinery insurance
  • Loss of the freight insurance
  • Protect & Indemnity insurance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Cost increasing insurance
  • Boats and yachts insurance
  • New-buliding yards insurance

Placing of risks is carried out, both according to rules of the insurance companies, and in compliance with the international conditions, such as ITC, NMIP, ADS and others.
Claims adjustment
Securing Your Interests in Marine Claims
Marine law expertise:
Owing to profound knowledge of international legislation and the big practical experience in the field of marine law "SmartnSure» effectively protects interests of clients and solves challenges irrespective of a place and time of their occurrence.
The complex approach allows to find quickly the best non-standard decisions and to protect interests of clients.
Comprehensive loss settlement services:
«SmartnSure» renders a complex of services in settlement of losses, starting with reception of the information on insured event and finishing by definitive payment of insurance compensation. Our company on behalf of the clients negotiate with the insurance companies, surveyors, average adjusters, carries out the analysis of paid-up documents on insured event, protects interests of the clients in administrative and judicial authorities.
Providing necessary documents and expert opinion:
Our clients receive full package of necessary documents on each insured event together with the valid expert conclusion.
Professional and responsive approach to clients:
Responsible and professional attitude to each client, extensive experience of our employees in the field of losses settlement essentially facilitates mutual relations between insured and insurers on the moment of insured event approach.
Partnership with leading survey companies and international experts

Within the limits of work on marine losses settlement «SmartnSure» actively cooperates with known survey companies, involves the international experts and assessors.
Skilled and efficient maritime loss resolution.

High professional level of employees of «SmartnSure» in the field of a marine law as a whole and marine insurance in particular allows to fulfil maritime losses settlement effectively and in due time which fully meets client's requirements.

Our services

Satisfaction of requirements of clients is a priority for our company, therefore our clients always receive
  • Professional and quick service upon rendering insurance services;
  • The best conditions of insurance and the prices from the leading insurance companies;
  • Competent support of the contract of insurance during the period of its validity;
  • Negotiations of insurance conditions in case of contract renewal;
  • Immediate help upon approach of insurance event;
  • Collection and preparation of documents necessary for payment of insurance compensation;
  • Pre-judical claims adjustment
  • Survey inspection at a stage of the conclusion of the insurance contract of and at approach of insurance event.
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